Colloidal Nano Silver Spray 30ppm (60ml) – Premium Grade


Highly effective colloidal nano silver solution spray for wounds, bruises, cuts, burns, rashes, insect bites, skin infections, and many other skin disorders. Can also be used as a surface disinfectant and also hand sanitizer.

Safe for use for both humans and pets.

Highly Effective | Rapid Action | You Will Feel The Difference.

The State-of-the-Art True Colloidal Nano Silver

  • Manufactured, using a proprietary technology, in a laboratory environment, with 99.9999% pure silver plates and purified water
  • Contains nano-sized (as small as 0.5 nanometer) and highly stable (does not agglomerate), silver nano particles
  • High particle surface area making it highly bioactive and bioavailable
  • Strongly charged silver nano particles remain in suspension indefinitely
  • Clear solution with a very long shelf-life.


99.99% pure nano-sized, charged silver particles suspended in pure distilled water. Concentration of silver particles are at 30ppm.

This product contains only natural ingredients. Free of chemicals, gluten, protein and animal by-products.

Recommended Use

Recommended for wounds, bruises, burns, cuts, diabetic wounds, skin infections, etc. Apply or spray copiously on affected area. For wounds, cuts or burns, allow solution to dry before applying bandage. Suitable and safe for pets also. Safe if licked by pets.

Can be used as a surface disinfectant or hand-sanitizer – Sprayed on surfaces, hands, facemasks, etc. Allow natural drying.

Suitable for both adult, children and pets.




Store in dark compartment (away from sunlight, heat and electromagnetic devices) at ambient/room temperature. No need to refrigerate.


No expiry. Proper handling and storage will ensure very long shelf life and preserve the effectiveness of the solution

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