10 Brilliant Colloidal Silver Uses Backed by Science

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Silver Has Amazing Health Benefits Being Rediscovered

Silver, in its many forms that include chelated, nano, ionic, and colloidal silver, is gaining ground as more people realize the very real antibiotic resistance epidemic we are facing. You may have bought it online, or know of a friend who swears by colloidal silver uses.

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that consists of metallic silver particles suspended in water. According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health):

Silver has a long and intriguing history as an antibiotic in human health care. It is used in water purification, wound care, bone prostheses, reconstructive orthopaedic surgery, cardiac devices, catheters, and surgical appliances.

Silver’s medicinal and restorative powers can be traced far back in history. In ancient Greek and Roman empires, the wealthy used to store their food and water in silver vessels to prolong the shelf-life and avoid bacteria/mold growth. Silver sutures (stitches) were used in the 1800’s in order to prevent infections, and this produced excellent results.

In the 1930’s, silver lost its glow to profit-making manufactured drugs and eventually this natural immune system booster was placed on the back-burner or arguably swept under the proverbial rug as modern antibiotics took flame.

However, overuse of antibiotics has led to a scary antibiotic resistance worldwide, makeing colloidal silver the more attractive option. Soon, a cut or urinary tract infection may kill you unless you have something like colloidal silver, which doesn’t whittle down the good bacteria in your system and fuel biofilm.

“Instead of killing both good and bad bacteria in the body, like traditional antibiotics do, silver doesn’t harm healthy bacteria in the gut,” says Guerry Grune, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and the first silver oxide expert to create a patentable solution, “It is non-toxic to the body, but lethal to over 650 disease-causing bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, and viruses.”

Silver doesn’t kill good bacteria because it penetrates the first, fat-soluble layer of the “bad” bacteria, but is unable to reach the “good” bacteria, or second coating.

Top 10 Colloidal Silver Uses:

1. Antibacterial and Antifungal

Colloidal silver treats conditions such as yeast overgrowth, Lyme disease, and eye infections — basically, any bacterial infection. I, personally, have used it for conjunctivitis (pink eye), and after several days of use, have been infection free. Scientific studies show harmful bacteria to be wiped out from a subject after being treated with colloidal silver.

2. Wound Healer

Before antibiotics were invented, silver was applied on wounds for healing. When applied topically, it is a powerful wound healer. Silver creams and salves are available, and they can also be applied to cold sores or fever blisters, as well.

3. Anti-viral

Colloidal silver has powerful, anti-viral qualities. For example, it deactivates the Herpes Simplex I and II viruses with low silver nitrate concentrations, according to a study conducted in 1972 at the Department of Microbiology, Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. Researchers found silver nitrate damaged the virus so much that it could no longer cause an infection.

In 2007 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved Axen 30, a liquid spray disinfectant, containing Silver. It has a 30-second kill time against HIV, and a ten-minute kill time against other viruses in a test tube.

4. Pink Eye

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) and other eye maladies, such as allergies, can be cured using colloidal silver. Oftentimes, placing a drop in each eye, three times a day for a couple days, is enough to cure pink eye. Itching due to allergies is stopped in its tracks when silver comes in contact. Even animals eye ailments and other issues can be alleviated with colloidal silver, according to The Silver Edge.

5. Ear Infection

Ear infections, which for some is a chronic condition, can be healed with colloidal silver. Silver, in liquid form, can easily be introduced into the ear canal using an eyedropper, making treatment fast, simple, and inexpensive.

6. Asthma

Often triggered by bronchial infections or an allergic reaction, asthma affects more than 22 million Americans. Nebulizing asthma with colloidal silver helps eliminate the problem, killing pathogens. Silver also helps combat mold-causing asthma.

7. Warts

HPV, or the human papilloma virus, causes warts. Some types of HPV are associated with cancerous growths, and all types are contagious, such as common warts (found on fingers) or plantar warts (found on soles of feet). Sometimes people have them on just one area of the body, such as the hands.

There are over 100 varieties of wart-causing viruses, and much of it has to do with the immune system. Children get more warts than adults, for example, because their immune system isn’t fully developed. If you get a scratch, it can introduce the HPV virus into the skin. Also, men tend to get warts on their faces more due to shaving, while women tend to get warts on their legs, also because of shaving.

Colloidal silver is effective in controlling warts. Applying colloidal silver to the wart at night and applying a band-aid can effectively kill it.

8. Hay Fever

Colloidal Silver bolsters the immune system, improving hay fever symptoms and making sneezing, fatigue, and itchy red eyes a thing of the past. Dr. Grune states, “Silver strengthens the immune system by wiping out infectious bacteria that would otherwise infect organs or blood cells.”

9. Yeast Infections, UTIs, and Bacterial Vaginosis

Vaginal burning, discharge, and soreness are classic symptoms of yeast infections. Douching with colloidal silver and water can eliminate yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. You can also apply colloidal silver topically to take care of UTIs.

10. Food Poisoning

At the first signs of feeling ill from food poisoning, you should try taking one to two ounces of colloidal silver every half hour, for several hours. This can help calm your stomach and bowels.

Colloidal Silver Uses: What’s the Magic?

According to Dr. Grune, “Colloidal silver is a catalyst, disabling the enzyme that viruses, fungi, and bacteria need to grow.”

Colloidal silver uses are huge. It may have gotten lost in the modern era, but it’s slowly and surely making its comeback.

Silver is the perfect solution, from healing wounds to healing pink eye.

Keep colloidal silver close at hand, and you have before you a sword, ageless and strong. It helped people centuries ago, and it continues to help us to this day.

Article written by Katherine Darlington and published on honeycolony,com on 25th April 2017

Disclaimer – This article does not serve to provide any medical advise. Readers are always advised to consult a qualified medical practitioner on all health related matters.

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